Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

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Re: Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

I'm new to Fuji, but I shoot raw.

The RAW files process fine in Apple Aperture.  I haven't used Adobe Bridge yet.  Some complain about Lightroom and recommend Photo Ninja or Iridient.  I wouldn't want to bust up my workflow like that.

One really interesting thing that I've been playing with is shooting raw and then "post processing" in the camera itself.  You get the same benefits of their JPEG engine but can process the same files many times in camera and maintain a separate RAW file.  I don't know if I will ultimately tire of this, but it goes hand-in-hand with my mentality towards the x100s.  Its a very capable travel light camera and it will be cool to do some processing in camera and then pop the SD card in my iPad/iPhone for final touches and sharing.  That's my theory anyway.

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