Just in case people are interested in the metabones adapter 111 and a7r

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Re: Fredy: good beginning, show us more...

Fredy Ross wrote:

I haven't got those lenses. it was raining so I was bored and wanted to try the combo. I agree about using it with my canon camera as it is so much faster together and the weight isn't much difference with the adapter. I had tried it with my 70-300 DO lens but the Af was too slow. Then I used a cheap wireless control set for 2 seconds and it was then good. I was just curious as I think of the a7r as a landscape camera so wanted to see how the metabones worked. I found the metabones autofocussed faster my nex 6 and my efs 18-135mm to tell the truth. I have a pbase site and all my recent photos are with the metabones. I really want an fe lens but was playing as I haven't got it yet. I am using the a7r with the sel ultrawide but limiting at 14mm full frame. good though as at least I have one lens in the meantime.

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I have tried the MBIII with a few EF-s lenses. Pretty good with 60 macro and 17-55/2.8 although the A7 automatically goes to crop mode. Then I tried it last night with the very lightweight kit 18-55/3.5-5.6. It didn't automatically go to crop mode, so I went into the menu and changed it manually. What surprised me was the autofocus speed... faster than any of the other EF lenses I've tried:

24, 28, 35, 100 primes

17-40, 24-105, 70-200, 70-300

It's only 10 MP in crop mode on the A7 but it's light and a better range than the kit and not that much slower focusing.

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