A Cold Weather Hike and what I learned.

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Re: Shooting the Ice Caves

Len_Gee wrote:

Bill Wallace wrote:

I just had the same story and thoughts last week. I was in the Apostle Island in Northern Wisconsin to shoot the ice caves. Got up (I was alone btw) , got to the ice and ventured out. It was 0 to low single digits with and 15-20 mph wind. I had my whole backpack and tripod and realized immediately there would be no changing of anything. I don't normally use camera straps so I carried my pack for no good reason at all. My hike was about 2 miles or so out and then the same hike back....EM1 did fine as I expected it would, I've shot Oly cams in cold weather for years (I live in Minnesota).

I got a good chuckle out this story.....next time I go up (it's been 5 years since they last opened the ice for ventures to the caves) I'll take a much different approach. One thing I did see people using that I will consider since terrain is relatively flat, is pulling a light weight plastic sled to carry gear you may think you need. Your terrain will dictate whether this will work for you.

I have an ice cave gallery on my zenfolio site if you care to look. They were shot with the EM1 and the panny 12-35 f2.8.

I'm gonna head off and check out your work....


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Bill Wallace
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Interesting story

Disclaimer: I have never been or seen ice caves.

You went out on the ice alone?

Isn't that taking unnecessary risk in that kind of environment?

well Len so is driving to the grocery store. The ice is plenty thick, no chance of going through. They are concerned about winds out of the NW and buckling the ice caused by waves far out. This year Lake Superior is over 90% frozen.

Weren't you afraid of falling through the ice and dying?

Or suffering hypothermia and dying?

i had plenty of layers and there are plenty of visitors. Someone would have found me....I also use grips on my boots for traction and as Paul said, layering is the ticket. I have plenty of very lightweight warm gear.

Issues with frostbite?

kept my gloves on and used a face gaiter...

How did the battery hold up in the Oly EM1?

ran out much quicker than shooting in normal temps....

How did you change camera setting?

gloves off...

Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome. Any other questions shoot me an email, I don't want to high jack Paul's thread.

i hope he doent mind me responding.


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Bill Wallace
"Mister I ain't a boy no I'm a man
And I believe in a promised land"....

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