Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Depends what your photography will be?

Portraits, wedding, and more

Image sensor differences: D800 will be better low ISO camera, but 5Dmk3 will be better high ISO camera. The middle point is about ISO 800 to 1600:

So if your style is to use flash to keep ISO low, D800 might be better for you. If your style is high ISO no flash, 5Dmk3 will fit you better.

AF systems are quite hard to compare, yet vital to weddings. Some people have complained that D800 has issues with AF accuracy on wide and fast lenses with leftmost AF points.

Wedding photographers often dislike 36MP as it is slowing their workflow and increasing long term storage requirements and they don't need that much resolution for most of the prints they produce.

For weddings, it would be best to ask in Wedding forum here:

Most of people there use Canons, but Nikon users are there as well. Use that forum search function to search for "D800" in message body.

Thank you .. for all

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