Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

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Re: Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

opsonic wrote:

To the group -- so if I migrate to the Fuji system -- do I become a JPG shooter ?

Because I really don't want to just shoot JPG.

I'm really puzzled at how Fuji is getting all kinds of praise for their hardware but their software support / interpolation, whatever you want to call it is being ignored or forgotten, or maybe better said forgiven !?

I really like to shoot raw.

It seems many successful Fuji shooters have some kind of hybrid workflow - does anyone know if this is going to get better -- soon ?

I'm surprised that it has taken so long - given Fuji's crazy success and passionate user base.

I was a Nex-7 shooter -- but color rendition didn't please me, and now I'm a Nikon V1 shooter - but would really like to delve into Fuji with the great lens selection, and the XT1 looks really nice.

Thoughts ?

Like many others on this forum, I only shoot RAW, never jpg. There is plenty of support available for the Fuji system, e.g. Silkypix (ships with the camera, free, but somewhat cluncky), Photo Ninja, Lightroom, Capture One and various other, less common, but nevertheless capable software packages.

Do a search here.


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