A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

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Re: A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

nandbytes wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Im considering selling all my longer lenses including the sony 70 200 g. The reality is I do not use them enough to warrant the cash sitting there doing nothing. This is why I have been looking at the performance of the 70 200 g and whether it is worth keeping or not. This is also due to the evidence that these longer lenses are all not providing the resolution that would warrant the investment when considering aps-c cameras in A Mount.

If you are selling the sony 70-200 let me know for how much.

Will do mate, I really need to use it more to know if its something I want to keep. With some lenses I personally feel i hit my capability as a photographer, and time i can invest into it. I could probably get away with just owning the 16 - 50, 50 1.4 SSM, and 18 - 250, 85 1.4, 11-16 and be covered for all occasions based on what I currently do with my cameras. The rest I could potentially sell and put my toe into E mount for a try.

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