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Laurence Matson wrote:
There is no need to hide in most instances. Companies are usually not engaged in illegal activity.

Ah ... sometimes me not being native English speaker shines through. Hide is the wrong word. Rather "refrain from" or something like that ...

But like any essentially private body, such as a family, nation, school, company, club, they like to do a lot of their activity away from the public eye. Keeping things that way means not blabbering around to everyone everything that one is doing. And it just means less hassle.

Yes, blabber is not good. Anyone in the company spreading anything might hurt a company lot. I am talking about well thought out spreading of information.

Were it the case that they were hiding things just for the sake of hiding things, then no one would get an NDA, because it would be impossible to make a "need to know" case. An NDA is not a guarantee that someone will keep confidential information secret; it is just a document reminding everyone of the consequences, if any, of a violation. It also provides the framework for how the parties will work together.

Yes, that is right. Criminals better be very secret if they want to be successful

I know very well what you have been able to achieve so far. As I said, your case is pretty good. I am also quite sure that 99% of the people on this board, including the OP, have little more than curiosity satisfaction in mind. And given the information you need, they would either misinterpret it or just start passing it off as pseudo-expertise. I know that sounds harsh to some, but that is the way most companies look at this: It is more of a hassle than anything else.

So, you do not have to make your case to me about what you need to know. If you want to pursue this further, you have my e-mail address.


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