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donfigor wrote:

I just received a used LVF2 from B&H, when using the camera on IA the aperture may go up to f2.8 but then if I go to Manual or aperture priority the aperture will sometimes not open back up to f1.4 but it will stop down normally. Turning the camera off and back on seems to restore it back to normal, and I never had this problem without the LVF2.

Is this normal or should I return it?

Hi Don,

That is inexplicable. I would not return/exchange the LVF2 until I can repeat the behavior after several mount/unmount sequences with the LVF2, and with a camera full reset. If it remains absolutely repeatable, then try to get another LVF2 and do the same thing. That will tell you a lot. If it continues to happen with another LVF2, it's likely your camera.

I cannot imagine how the LVF2 would do this to your camera, but it's all computer programming these days and anything can happen inside a computer. I know. I program for a living and strange things just happen.

I've been using my LX7 and LVF2 for 16 months without issues. I wish you the best of luck.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

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