Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

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Re: Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

Christof21 wrote:


Coming from Fuji, I could be interested in the new A6000. It has lot's of features really interesting (more mp, high AF coverage, zebra...). You won't be surprised if I tell you that the problem is the lens...

I could be interested in Sony if they had a roadmap for APS-C E mount lenses. If my understanding is correct, they will only invest in FE mount lenses which are compatible with APS-C. The problem is that it is better to use lenses designed for APS--C, you have more resolution.

What are your expectations if you have a Sony APS-C ?

There are two directions a reply could take.

It is true that it is easier and cheaper to design a high performing APS-C than FF but it certainly can be done. FE lenses work fine on APS-C e-mount cameras and so far the few that are out are excellent. The very sharp FE Zeiss zoom is taking some criticism for poorish far-corner resolution but that will hardly affect APS-C. On the other FE extreme is the 55mm which would make a stellar portrait lens on APS-C and you won't find sharper (although the less expensive regular e-mount 50 f1.8 is excellent).

The other issue is what lenses do you envision needing and are there decent e-mount lenses to accommodate you? I'm always amazed at the number of people who reject a system for lack of lenses but have no intention of purchasing the focal lengths, etc, that don't exist. I'm at the other extreme from you apparently. If I'm contemplating another system, I mentally choose a lens selection and then see if there is a camera that I like that they will mount to, not the other way around. I don't look to the future on what they might produce. Right now, I'm trying to get a feel for how good the new e-mount 18-105mm is. It looks to be a killer walk-around APS-C lens to me. If its a go... I'll buy it and the a6000 for a high quality walk-around, one lens solution.

Of course virtually every lens ever made can be adapted to the a6000 but admittedly that isn't for everyone.

Sony isn't the most forthcoming with 'roadmaps'.


I just like the feeling that the lens offering is not complete and that new lenses will be proposed. I may want a zoom with wider focal range, more aperture, new prime lenses. For me, this is never complete, it must live.

Maybe I have this feeling because Fuji had to build a complete offer from start.

I think it would be great if Sony could develop more lenses, or adapt more lenses so that we have the choice.

Sony seems to be ahead for body (AF, sensor, zebra) but not for lenses.

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