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Things missing in your equation

Clayton1985 wrote:

We are just getting to the point where the gap has closed enough to make these cameras a viable option as a DSLR replacement for a bigger percentage of DSLR owners. You now have options for the best IQ with the A7r and very good AF with the X-T1 and E-M1. Combine this with the maturing lens lineups and the growing list of features and these options meet a lot of needs that weren't being met before.

The equation isn't very convincing to me... Because you only assume the mirrorless cameras have weaknesses that have to be ironed out.

What about their strenghts, like:

- much more compact size,

- weight,

- low shutter loudness,

- absence of vibration because of no mirror,

- in case of Fuji: the most convincing prime lens lineup for APS sensor size (14/23/35/56mm),

- high ISO on par with APS DSLRs, all in all very high image quality - already in the X-E1 and X-Pro1.

- Plus: A good EVF is better today than most optical viewfinders in APS-c DSLRs (which most people use).

FF is still another thing because there is only one camera (A7), otherwise you have to choose a DSLR. So many shooters who now walk foreign cities for days wiht their Nikon or Canon DSLR could just as well use a Fuji/ Nex with much less bulk and weight without giving up image quality. And: How many shooters really need fast AF?

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