no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

When I bought a new powerful PC about 7 months ago, I was not very annoyed with win 8. A slight learning curve to avoid the metro stuff. I installed my photo and video editing software plus plug ins.  Installed 3 printers, scanner, monitor specific calibration hardware. All great. What's MS do? Almost force 8.1 on me that is not just a glitch free service pack. If the install has problems, the possible solutions are often too tech for me. Update all drivers, BIOS, software and hardware patches if needed and available. Anyway to easily return to 8? No thanks after just 7 months for few meaningful benefits. I could have upgraded a Vista system if I wanted this situation. I will wait until 9 or have no options. No wonder tablet sales are soaring. Few people I know can deal with these issues. Complexity, feature overload, options galore are not a benefit to everyone. Just my .02$


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