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Re: Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

Christof21 wrote:


Coming from Fuji, I could be interested in the new A6000. It has lot's of features really interesting (more mp, high AF coverage, zebra...). You won't be surprised if I tell you that the problem is the lens...

I could be interested in Sony if they had a roadmap for APS-C E mount lenses. If my understanding is correct, they will only invest in FE mount lenses which are compatible with APS-C. The problem is that it is better to use lenses designed for APS--C, you have more resolution.

What are your expectations if you have a Sony APS-C ?

Well I have a NEX-7 and am a bit disappointed with the A6000 announcement, in that I had higher hopes in a replacement for my high end APS-C body.  Specifically, I wanted the AF/AE lock manual control, tri-navi interface, and high end EVF to remain - none of which did! - while adding the fast autofocus, mode dial, wifi, and new menu system.  IBIS would be a nice feature as well although I was not expecting it. I still may buy a A6000 to use alongside the NEX-7, but I won't be selling the latter anytime soon unless I ditch the whole system for something else.

Regarding the E-mount APS-C lenses, I am not surprised that Sony is now focusing on the FE series, because the APS-C range is now reasonably complete unlike the full frame range which is currently insufficient to really promote their full frame mirror less system.

While there are certainly advantages to full frame, APS-C has its own set of perks - more compact lenses and bodies, more depth of field, more telephoto reach because of crop factor, etc.  Comparing the NEX and Ax000 to the A7 range, I also like having a built-in flash and prefer the rangefinder shape.

So I have these Sony lenses now, along with a ultra fast 35/1.2 Voightlander.  Together they are pretty complete think, and there are other good Sony and Sigma primes available.

10-18/4 OSS:  A simply superb ultra wide angle zoom
24/1.8 CZ:  Superb and fast prime, near-macro capability
50/1.8 OSS:  Inexpective and fast short tele/portrait lens
18-55 OSS:  kit zoom, very compact and under-rated
24-70/4 CZ OSS zoom:  Superb 3x standard zoom
18-200 OSS :  best in class 11x zoom

I had the 30/3.5 macro too, but sold it as the 24/1.8CZ focused close enough for my needs.

On the other hand, FE right now only has the 35 and 55 primes, and the two normal zooms... although I think the 10-18 might cover full frame at some focal lengths even though it is not a FE design.

If I decide to buy more telephoto or macro lenses in the future, I will probably choose FE lens since it will give longer reach on APS-C.  Or go with a Sigma A-mount super zoom on the LA-E adapter.

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