Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

Started Feb 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 9,296
Re: Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

Chrisada wrote:

Can I ask which 14-140 is it that you sold?

The original one. I got it in a kit with the GH2, and had originally no intention of keeping it. However, after I tried it, I found it to be quite a good lens, and used it rather a lot until getting the 12-40mm. Now I am using the 12-40mm and the inexpensive Oly 40-150mm (which is an excellent lens, by the way, even if really cheap), to cover the same range.

The only two drawbacks I found to that model 14-140mm were the weight (the thing felt like a brick), and it rendered a slight yellow-greenish color cast/color temperature to images. Otherwise, it was really a great performing lens all around for me.


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