no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

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Yeah, Microsoft has as much as said that W8 is a flop, though some folks like it (someone alwayssays stuff like that.): "I hate banging my head on the cabinet." "You just aren't banging your head on the cabinet properly" or "you'll get used to it."

Microsoft has announced that W9 is coming out next year. Hopefully it will continue the winner/flop/winner/flop cycle of Microsoft OS.


There may be some vocal people on the internet saying that they don't like Windows 8. But the internet is always full of people that moan. There are many more people that are simply happy.

Microsoft have not announced Wwindows 9.

Why should YOU...Microsoft..or indeed ANYONE else try to dictate to the rest of us what sort of way we should each run our computers.
Statistics are available to show that 30% of all computers still in use are apparently STILL running (happily) on XP system. If it works..fine..why not ???
WHY are so many still running on XP ? .. for what seems a perfectly obvious reason that it is quite good enough AND without hassles for the way those computers are says it all.. users generally will run what THEY find best very least...good enough.. we DON'T want any fancy Win8 style which is initially totally contrary and more difficult for such users.

For those that Win8 suits and fully covers their needs.. fine.. get on with it..but to be forced to use a system not by choice, is not very good business.
It's called freedom of choice.. and NO need to use expletives about it !!!

but sweetness, it's not an expletive.

If you are content to still run XP then that is fine.

At no point have I attempted to dictate anything.

The only reason that Windows 8 has a low market share is that people are not buying new machines. Most people do not upgrade.

/So funny

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