Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

Yes, its impressive enough that I have one on pre-order, but it's not ever going to replace my DSLR, it will be, at best, a walk around toy, albeit a very nice one.

About all the X-T1 has that the K3 doesn't have is the tilting screen and a much smaller package, allowed for by the shorter registration distance of the X-Mount, but what it gives up is an optical viewfinder.

If Pentax had made a fast standard lens, Fuji would never have been on my radar, but I wanted a camera with a fast standard, and the Fuji 35/1.4 is a lovely lens in most respects, so I bought an X-Pro1 last year to give me access to that lens. It's flare control isn't up to Pentax standards, but it has very nice rendering.

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