Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

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Re: Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

Zensu11 wrote:

Having been fortunate to have owned both of these lenses it probably comes down to 1) is the Oly 12-50 highly under rated or 2) is the Oly 12-40 highly over rated? I think the answer lies in between with more of 1) being stronger than 2). IMHO

I've been using the 12-40 for a week now and am very happy with it.

I've read the reviews and I don't think they are overrating that lens very much.

What I am sure about on the other hand is that the 12-50 is underrated by many. I've really enjoyed using it and in sufficient light it brings good results to the table (not corner to corner sharp etc but I rarely am paying attention on that).

I had the money available and I have no regrets spending it on the 12-40 for that bit of extra image quality that is always there, but mostly for the difference between F2.8 and F3.5 at the wide end and F2.8 vs roughly F5.6 at the long end (the 12-50 has a max aperture of F6.3 but that is at 50mm - I have never checked specifically what its max is at 40mm, but I assume it to be around F5.6).

My first real photo opportunity for which I used it was a theatre dress rehearsal. Excellent results with the 12-40 mostly wide open, where the 12-50 simply would not have stood any chance, because the two stops slower aperture would have killed my necessary shutter speed (make that three stops for the need to stop down for sharpness, while the 12-40 hardly needs stopping down, if any). But that, of course, is kinda specialized use. For everyday use in good light, I can totally imagine the difference to be less overwhelming.

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