D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

Stacey_K wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Because I suspect a LOT of it is in the RX1's Zeiss lens rather than the sensor - just not sure how much.

Probably a lot. The D series wides aren't known to be "rock star" performers, especially wide open. I suggest you do a bit of reading at photozone on these lenses. I'm not sure why you want to change from this RX1 if you like the results so much..

Pretty simple - just want more focal lengths than one. If the A7 had a 24 or 28 and something wider, I'd probably go that direction. And might someday. But not just to replace the 35 with a lesser 35 and a great 55 (which isn't a particularly favorite focal length of mine).

And don't get me wrong - I like the results from the Df just as much but in a different way. Just trying to assess where (presumably somewhere in the middle) the D610 would fall with the same lenses.

Thanks for the input. I didn't expect anyone could fully answer it for me, but the input so far has been useful...


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