A Cold Weather Hike and what I learned.

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Re: A Cold Weather Hike and what I learned.

PurpleFringe wrote:

I've been reasonably comfortable shooting at -12f/-25c or thereabouts, and have no problem messing with lenses and settings, but I only let my fingers/hands out of the gloves/mittens for a few seconds at a time. It's easy to fumble at that temp though, so I try to be much more deliberate when handling gear.

Obviously, getting the clothing right is important.

Some of the frustrations that I have at those temps:

  • I need something over my lower face, which inevitably causes my breath to fog my glasses.
  • To see through the EVF on my E-M1, I need to mash my nose into the back of the camera, which means mashing my nose into a -10f object and freezing my nose.
  • Battery life is really poor.

Years ago, my late wife knit me a heavy duty watch cap and a thing that you pulled over your head. It had a very tall turtle neck piece, a bib like front and a shorter bib type down your back, then your Parka. I used this all the time when using the Snow Blower when I had the house. I still use them.

With the heavy duty cap, I could pull the front down to the top of the eyes and the bib turtle neck up to the bottom of the eyes. The only problem was with goggles that always steamed up.

I had Snowmobile mittens back then, which were lost when  I closed down the house and moved here to the apartment. Probably should find another pair. My thermo gloves are OK, but not as good as mittens. Neither work well with cameras.

Your comment about the EVF made me laugh. Brought back memories as a kid. Not touching a metal street light pole with your tongue in the winter?

Thanks for your comments.

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