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Roland Karlsson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

That is the simple concept behind confidentiality. You are asked:

"What is your need to know?"

Pure curiosity will not get you further. And if there is enough information that might require a bit of digging to get to, you will also not get more directly.

So my question to you, Øyvind, and everyone else in this list is: "What is your need to know?

Just to truncate part of the discussion, Roland's case for need to know is pretty good. However, he was able to figure out almost everything without it. So, as nice as he is and as good as he is at sticking to keeping secrets when asked to do, the question is almost certainly to be ノン.

Personally, I ask this question backwards.
- What are the reasons for not telling?
Or maybe
- How good are the reasons for not telling?

Realistically the default answer is just as Laurence said "Why do you need to know, why should we even bother responding to you".

Do you honestly think you could get the same information from Canon or Nikon either?  The simple fact is that something that seems obviously altruistic to a technologist seems murky and not at all clear to someone who owns a business.

Companies, of course, have reasons for not telling. Here is a kind of list
* To make it harder for competition.
* They are bound by NDA when using third party stuff (Fujitsu?).

That is very probably a factor, possibly also why we don't see Adobe support.

* It is a cost associated with spreading information. Maybe the information is in Japanese or not in a state that is suited for spreading openly.

That has a VERY high likelihood of being the case, usually company technical info is not cleansed for outside consumption and that takes a lot of work.

* For cultural reasons. It is simply not done. Companies are supposed to do like that.
* Because it is the easiest decision, e.g. it might be the default.

Also true of most companies.

Getting back to the things I do want/need to know
1. File format, including coding of image and meta data. This is because I want to make tools for Quattro data. As you know, those tools I give to you. And several here have used them. maybe I even plan to sell some tools, but that is not likely. I also think it would benefit Sigma if theis format would be known. That is a guess of course.

I also agree it makes a lot of sense to release the full higher level specs for things like this, so recovery software and other image cataloging tools can properly work with Sigma files.  This seems to me the most likely thing to happen sometime, if anything.

2. Detailed technical knowledge regarding the sensor. This data I want to know because I like to know technical stuff. But, I alsoi think it would increase the interest in Sigma sensor development generally.

Do they need greater interest than they have now?  I would say it's questionable that they do.

3. Quattro to RGB conversion. This would be the basis for the possibility to use existing tools for the new cameras. It has been a very slow adaptation of Foveon based sensors to other image manipulating environments, both commercial and freeware. It would also be fascinating to see how it is done. And ... I also think this could be the basis for research projects. Something I believe is very important for a new technology.

Isn't there a high probability this will happen anyway?

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