D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

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Re: D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

Stacey_K wrote:

You left out the main criteria, what is the output? Are you wanting to make 8X10 prints? 30X40 inch prints? Display online? Pixel peep at 100%?

I rarely print larger than 12x18, occasionally 20x30. I try not to pixel peep (because it really doesn't have anything to do with how I actually LOOK at photography), but I'm occasionally guilty anyway if I'm shooting with something that holds up under extreme pixel peeping. That won't be make or break though.

But there's something about resolution - I notice it with the RX1 and to an extreme when I was using a Sigma DPM1 - that make images pop even when displayed at a scale where it shouldn't matter. There's a notable difference in the way the Df and RX1 images display at any consistent size. And frankly I'm torn - I love the smooth creamy look of the Df files but I also like the pop I get from RX1 files, particularly for landscapes. I'm not asking anyone to solve THAT problem for me - I'll just have to decide - I'm just wondering how close the D610 with "D" glass gets to the RX1. Because I suspect a LOT of it is in the RX1's Zeiss lens rather than the sensor - just not sure how much.

And not all "D" lenses have the same optical IQ. Some are better than others. It also depends if you plan to use them stopped down to F8-f11 or use them wide open.

Good to know about the differences - I'd say the 20 and 35 are sure things, either the 24 or 28, and probably the 50. I see the sweet spot is in that f5.6-f11 range, but I want to be able to use them wide open as well in low light. And I realize that's where their weaknesses are most pronounced. The RX1 is pretty extraordinary wide open and I love that about it, but I don't expect that kind of performance from the DSLR setup I'm working on.

Any of them will work fine on the 610 body either using the aperture ring or controlling them with the camera dial, depending on some menu settings.

Good to know, and what I suspected. But that earlier poster scared me a bit. I had to make that change in the menu to get it work on the Df also - it's not a default setting. Glad to hear the same is available on the other bodies...


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