D610, does it have bulb mode?

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Re: D610, does it have bulb mode?

Mark_A wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

I suppose dpreview will put a full review up in time,

I doubt it.

or is it because the D610 is so similar to the D600 that they haven't done it?

Yes, that would be my guess. The only thing of significance to change is the shutter design, to remove the oil spray feature. From the dpreview quick-look review:

The new D610 is a very minor upgrade to the D600, with just three new features. They include faster continuous shooting, a 'quiet continuous' mode, and an improved auto white balance system. The first two features are courtesy of a newly designed shutter mechanism.

Hi Simon,

I was considering looking at D600 because with the oil issue they might be quite a bit cheaper. I don't mind cleaning the chip regularly. But I see they are not discounted by much over the D610.


They are not discounting the D600 because they have to factoring in the cost of the extra warranty services !   , seriously why would you want to go there - rumor has it that Nikon is replacing the D600 with the D610 as part of their warranty service.

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