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Re: Per a Twitter Conversation...

rick decker wrote:

Hi Scott:

Thanks for the update. One stop does not seem to be that big a change. On the other hand, if the heat issue is diffused (pardon the pun), the blotching is fixed substantially reduced, and the propensity towards highlight blow-outs is reduced, the combination could result in changes that are way more significant than any of those past.

Based upon Dick Lyon's comments, I have great expectations.

Overall, the Q seems like it will offer big gains in a number of departments that Sigma shooters will appreciate. Yamaki-san delivered probably as enthusiastic a presentation I've seen from a Japanese CEO.  A couple of times he stopped himself during the presentation saying, "Sorry, got a bit excited there."  

As far as performance, I too would hope that the fact that they have to fire up three fewer photo sites on the middle and bottom layers will mean that they have to deal with that much less noise.  I'm confident they should be able to take good advantage of the mix of spacial density.

If it means anything, Yamaki-san presented the new Q layout as important an innovation as the creation of the Foveon sensor itself.

I think the press will enjoy the camera a whole lot more if at least they can really get file write times from 12 seconds to five.


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