D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

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Re: D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

lampman wrote:

I am in the UK and hoping to buy the D800E in the next month or so, I would prefer to buy form my local retailer but I am not sure how long they have had their stock.

Having followed many threads regarding the AF focus issues on the D800/800E models there definitely seems to be less of a problem with models made more recently.

Would anyone bother to check serial numbers to make sure that the stock is relatively new?

If so could anyone who has purchased a D800E in the UK recently give me an idea of what serial numbers are being supplied currently, not expecting the full number, just something that would give me an idea to check against their stock.

I would love to be told I am being overcautious.

Thanks in advance.


I bought an 800E a few weeks ago from a 'not so local' shop. I rang round at least 3 shops close to where I live and none had the E version. Finally ended up driving to Bath (from Cardiff) to find one, and they only had one in stock. I think you will find that most shops dont carry that much stock and so you will not be buying an 'old' body.

Whilst I have always thought that buying locally is the best plan (and have always done that) you may be better buying mail order. Ok, the sale of goods act protects you for a defective product, but if my 800e had had a fault, I would have taken in back to the shop and waited weeks for them to get another one - if they had indeed accepted it as bad. Legally no problem under the sale of goods act to get it replaced or money back but I can just imagine the hassle and arguing. If you buy mail order, you have 7 days to return it if you don't want it - under the 'distance selling regs'. In those 7 days you can check it out and find any big faults.

Putting my money where my mouth is - this week I just spent £5k+ on a new lens - and I got it mail order. Delivered next day. Checked it (despite the lousy weather) and found it AF fine tunes great. Super sharp images. No need to send it back in 7 days. If it had a fault, I would have driven it back over to Norwich and picked up a new one without waiting weeks as they are carrying more stock as they sell more units - that in itself may be a reason not to go to a local shop.

Of the two purchases I feel happier about the second one via mail order.

Don't worry about the body going wrong, the consumer rights in the Via the Distance selling regs and the Sale of Goods act are very buyer friendly. Go for it.

Havent got the camera to hand at the moment to check serial number. Will try and find it afterwards.

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