20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

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Re: 20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

The only thing would be AF being slow, and more likely to hunt, and when it starts to hunt it's really slow ending the hunt compared with other lenses when they hunt. So avoiding hunting is more important with this one than others.

The other problem is AF+MF does not work if AF has not yet found focus lock, which is insane in my opinion but this is how the camera designers decided.

Very quickly, however, you'd learn how to focus with this lens, what type of target to use and find a right type of target approximately the same distance as the subject, lock focus, don't release button, back to subject and MF, etc. With all of this, it's just a sharp lens with a slight wide angle and a fast aperture that can work well wide open.

As the lens changes length when focusing, maybe you should be careful if you are pressing the camera to a window or something. A heavy bump could disable the AF motor temporarily needing a reset.

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