Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

I appreciate your interest in obtaining factual data, but in all honesty I don't think you're going to get much. I'm not convinced that's the way the majority of people purchase cameras.

I guess you could look at all the tables and charts comparing technical data and listen to the people who know about such things, but unless you regularly make images of charts and walls that information may not be what you really want to know.

It seems to me, and this is certainly nothing but my own opinion, that you could purchase any one of the most recent generation of high end cameras from any one of the top half dozen or so manufactures, make the same photograph with all of them, print them all at 13 x 19, and almost nobody would be able to tell the difference.

Granted, experienced, trained, and skilled workers can extract better performance from certain equipment, and experienced, trained, and skilled workers can probably detect the difference.  Might even be some folks on this forum who can tell.  But probably not a lot.

I think most of this stuff gets bought because somebody finds the shape or tactile experience or layout of the controls or weight or their personal user experience or something like that rather than based on hard data.

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