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Re: DPR Fuji interview

Georg Ucksche wrote:

Nice idea. But I am not sure how big the success will be really in the end. What camera do costumers (globally) buy more: A EOS 5dIII, 6d, 700d, a Nikon d610, Df, d7100, or an A7(r), X-T1, X-E2, etc...?

You can't release new cameras that close the gap in several areas vs DSLRs and expect this to be known by the average consumer overnight.   It will take word of mouth, marketing, etc but the cameras have to be there before any of this can happen.

In Europe and the US, mirrorless have a market share of 10%.

That is very (!!!!) little, seen the number of manufacturers (Sony, Oly, Fuji, Panasonic) and compared to the fact the the rest (90%) is mainly Canon and Nikon.

I agree that Canon and Nikon show themselves clueless about how the future of cameras should be. They continue to offer a solution that is basically 50y ears old - an SLR. No sign of innovation since many years.

I hope that Fujis' efforts pay off in the sense that innovation - in the long run - will end up convincing the market more than stagnation.

Canon and NIkon realls offer little more than stand- still.

The cameras I mentioned have been out for a few months or less.   There are many moving parts that determine how significant the impact will be but you can't go by past history IMO.   We are just getting to the point where the gap has closed enough to make these cameras a viable option as a DSLR replacement for a bigger percentage of DSLR owners.  You now have options for the best IQ with the A7r and very good AF with the X-T1 and E-M1.   Combine this with the maturing lens lineups and the growing list of features and these options meet a lot of needs that weren't being met before.

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