DPR removed Top poster fun?

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Re: quantity >< quality. Oh come on guys, this sort of..............................

argument is getting to be to commonplace on our forum. If it carries on I shall hve no other option but to issue bans. I have been in contact with Admin, since the trouble that we've had the last couple of days, and I have their support, and blessing to sort it out as I see fit. I am trying to warn, all concerned on this forum, if you decide to ignore my advice, I will start to ban people. Regards, Allan.

Raw Jaw wrote:

Arn wrote:

Raw Jaw wrote:

Arn wrote:

Don't really see the reason for that feature, except as an alarm system. Quantity of posts has never meant quality. I wish people would actually think more before posting, many of the people on the top of these lists should post less.

If all of your 3421 posts meet your own criteria I am very impressed.

The only suggestion I can offer reguarding the Top Poster list is to inclue the nunber of threads involved.


Poster1 - 62 (4)

Poster2 - 57 (32)

Poster3 - 48 (6)

I think this will provide a more complete picture about our thread participation.

I see I struck a nerve, with you being on the top list. You or anyone else shouldn't take it personally. Just a general observation...

I am not responding due to a struck nerve.

I responded first and foremost to introduce some humor.

Secondly, out of my concern for the lucidity and fruitfullness that this Samsung Forum can/does provide to visitors I made a new (good, valuable, imo) suggestion, to which you make no comment nor suggest any refinement.

All you do is try to characterize me ('struck nerve' - 'personally'). This is the general problem that is under discussion on some threads in this forum.

Perhaps you should take your own advice and "actually think more before posting"..

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Have a good day.
Regards, Allan.

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