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Re: DPR Hates Criticism...

This is a very lame analogy, indicating both a lack of understanding about international affairs and how this forum works.

According to international law, countries are supposed to respect one another's sovereignty/uphold the principle of non-interference in one another's internal affairs, that would be the principle in question in relation to other countries. Travel to any country and try to do whatever you want in violation of local laws and see how that works out for you, whether in north Korea or the U.S -- there will be consequences.

DPR does set the rules here and has staff and volunteer moderators to enforce them. The point of the objection by Heie, myself and others is that there should be some transparency, and that actions by moderators and staff should not be arbitrary, petty or random.

The crux of the matter, in terms of what Heie originally posted, is also considered by many on this Pentax forum a matter arbitrariness on the part of DPR staff -- the fact that they've decided to put the K-3 at a lower priority for review than other cameras based on some inscrutable rationale. That is DPR's prerogative to do so, but then on the other hand, they can't turn around and start removing posts when people call them out on this decision.

Henrik Melander wrote:

Saying Their house their rules. is kinda stupid.

its like saying their country their rules abouth north korea for example

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