A Cold Weather Hike and what I learned.

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Re: A Cold Weather Hike and what I learned.

PaulM2 wrote:

I learned that in extreme cold, you do not change lenses or other settings that require removing gloves. Also being bundled up like a little kid in a snow suit, severely restricts movement.

I've been reasonably comfortable shooting at -12f/-25c or thereabouts, and have no problem messing with lenses and settings, but I only let my fingers/hands out of the gloves/mittens for a few seconds at a time. It's easy to fumble at that temp though, so I try to be much more deliberate when handling gear.

Obviously, getting the clothing right is important.

Some of the frustrations that I have at those temps:

  • I need something over my lower face, which inevitably causes my breath to fog my glasses.
  • To see through the EVF on my E-M1, I need to mash my nose into the back of the camera, which means mashing my nose into a -10f object and freezing my nose.
  • Battery life is really poor.
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