a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Re: Faster than the pics taken below...(more)

Bart Hickman wrote:

gil wrote:

from a 2005 4MP P&S camera inside a basketball arena? He!he!he! Faster is very much relative to of course the gear's capability, technique and luck :-D.

What are you demonstrating with these shots? I think most of us are aware that there do exist high speed situations that don't require high performance auto-focus.

Indoor basketball is often used as an example where you need f2.8 zooms, FF, etc.  The truth is that you can accept  less quality and still come away with decent results.  Does it have to be all-or-nothing?

What we're all hoping for is AF performance that enables pictures that are otherwise really, really hard to take well.

The one that seems to be the most difficult is the dreaded BIF.  This wasn't exactly easy with my DSLR either, but seems really difficult on my Nexes.

I took several dozen shots of my son playing in the waves once. They're all really high speed (frozen water droplets and facial expressions and such) and I could impress everybody with the 30% that are tack sharp. Unfortunately some of the greatest moments were not sharp. I would like to improve that situation.

Yeah, I think in some of these cases, we're just talking about # of keepers.  But I can't afford or justify getting a FF camera and f2.8 tele zoom on the off-chance that I'll want a few more keepers in an extreme situation.

Even so, with most AF systems, how is the camera to know what your subject is?  Did it fail completely and take blurry shots or did it focus on breaking waves that weren't your subject?  I've had this problem before, but I don't know how the camera is supposed to know for sure.  If you use a center-focus-and-recompose approach or DMF in some of these more difficult situations, you should have better luck, even with inferior AF.


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