Why is FE 70-200 bigger and heavier than Canon's

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Re: Pro Features Included

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Well if anything this thread has shown me why Sony loves releasing monster zooms before compact primes, because apparently that's what many people want. I'll sit it out for a few years and see where FE goes.

OTOH, people are going gags over Sony not releasing faster zooms. You think 72mm filter is too big? Try 77mm on upcoming Fuji 16-55/2.8 that people think Sony should build.

Yes, that Fuji is the one lens I'd never buy. Even the 10-24 is already too big. Luckily Fuji has released smallish primes first so most users got their needs covered.

And you jave no idea how "monstrous" the 70-200/4 is. It is actually smaller and lighter than my personal compact choice for telephoto lens on NEX: Minolta 200/2.8 G APO HS. With 70-200/4, you lose a stop, the adapter and gain zoom.

The fact that you use a 200/2.8 on NEX puts this discussion into a different perspective.

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