The Canon G1X Mark 2 sensor is basically M43rds and

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Re: The Canon G1X Mark 2 sensor is basically M43rds and

phazelag wrote:

I have owned a few canon sensors and shot with several others and have always been impressed with them. Of course when canon puts an older sensor in a newer camera that is frustrating.

If you likento shoot jpeg as i do most of the time now I think canons jpegs are always quite pleasing.

I agree to all these points. I did have the original PowerShot G1X and it took most pleasing JPEGs with lovely bokeh in close-ups; as did other PowerShots i had. Also the menu system was nice&easy; which gives me hope that in the G1X Mk II the menu will still be nice&easy with all the new options regarding wifi etc. (and i also hope that the accompanying smart phones apps will be nice&easy).

On the other hand i have an Oly XZ-2, and the menu is terrible, a constant source of frustration and headshaking.

When the G1X Mk II was announced recently, i ditched my plan to get a new smallish m43 kit. I know that the G1x can't offer super wide angle and portrait tele with f1,8, but the advantages of compactness and assumed ease of use outweigh it. My main quibble: I don't need an EVF anyway, but i would certainly have preferred a side-hinging monitor over a vertical monitor; but the side-hinging variety is on the decline anyway, sadly.

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