Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: Oh sure, happens to me too, but...

I sometimes get similarly dull comments like the OP, including a proud fat-Canon owner looking confusedly at my smallish m43 kit, stating, "but pros wouldn't use this, would they", not looking at the fact that his camera use was even much more hobbyistic than mine.

The erring course instructor mentioned in the OP could in theory still be a good teacher for lighting, image composition or the use of PASM modes etc. In theory at least. It would frustrate me too to hear the things he said, but i would not try at all to change his mind. Nobody ever changes his/her mind, especially not in camera things; it's enough if i have an informed opinion, and if all the Canikon users in the class look down on me, it would not be a problem for me. It might be a problem if my pics look worse than theirs - for whatever reason.

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