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Just an aside:

It is important to note that while Canikon has a wide array of lenses, many of them are outdated and cannot keep up with currents sensors let alone the sensor tech that may be coming down the pike.

In truth both companies may have have 5-10 lenses each that are ready for the future.

without even trying i'm up to 18 FF canon lenses. I doubt nikon is much different.

You must also be betting on that mirror is forever or that these lenses will seamlessly transition into mirrorless bodies?

canon / nikon could remove the mirror and leave the registration distance. they could even do hybrid systems where the mirror is only used in specific cases and not in others. going mirrorless doesn't necessarily mean adopting a different mount. while there is advantages - for a full frame sensor and professional grade lenses, the different in kit bulk is pretty trivial. you're not going to save any room with a 300/400/500 super telephoto setup between a registration distance of 44mm and 18mm.

Right now with over 80 million F mount lenses and 100 million EF mount lenses and nearly 15 million each and every year, the EF/F mount increase their installed base over any other mount. I suspect that the odds are pretty good on the survivability of the mounts.

I'd bet on that mass far more than for instance .. FE mount?

how many of your 18 lenses are ready for the 36Mpix of the A7R and the D800E ?

300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4 and 600/4. TSE17,24. 35,24,28 IS, 100m IS macro, 200-400/4IS, 24-70/2.8II, 70-200/2.8II, 70-200/4IS, 200/2, debatable 40/2.8, 85/1.2, 135/2, 24-70/4IS,

That's off the top of my head for canon .. hard to argue with any of that list.

These are, for the most part, fine lenses.  I am privileged to own a couple of them myself.  The problem is that lens technology has moved forward and some of these are now rarther long in the tooth (35 and 135).  Others are very good but not superlative lenses ( the 28IS?).

The fact that they exist at all is a good reason to chose a Canon FF over an Alpha (how long before SONY produces a 85L?) but we can't kid ourselves into thinking that the catalog is uniformly excellent.

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