Misinformation about m4/3

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Good question ..

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Why would all of that be taught with the film SLR?

For historic reasons?

I think this is how it is still done in Austria. You must be certified to be a wedding photographer, or example, and they teach how to develop film to the beginners. Weird, if you ask meĀ  .

Then why not teach with the daguerrotypie?

Why exclude medium format? It was the "standard" long before 35mm.

Medium format does not have as fast lenses, and the difference would be hardly meaningful.

35mm film has been a "default format for most people" in photography at some point, but it is not anymore and there is no need for nostalgia.

We say 1x crop, 1.5x crop, 2x crop, etc .. in reference to the 35mm format.

And when did FF become "the reference format"?

I can not answer it, why is this important?

Only in recent years has FF become available on a wide scale, so most people with a photo education and experience in digital are more likely to have it on another format than FF.

I would say rather during the brief period was it not as popular as it has always been. Mainly due to the technological switch and the development.

Hey, come to think of Medium format : let's suggest that all students would bring a digital MF camera, so as to explain certain concepts even "easier" than with FF!!

No, it would not be easier for several reasons, one of which I already mentioned above.

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