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Yes, I sometimes talk to people in parks also ..

RoelHendrickx wrote:

See my example on the art academy.

I think that practical skill teaching works best that way.

And which reference format always makes easier.

I don't see the point of "ex cathedra" teaching for photography. If that was the purpose of the class, I would not even want to participate. Do you know of photography classes in which a teacher stands at the blackboard or the beamer and just explains and the students just listen and absorb? If that exists, isn't it dead boring and a sure turn-off for photography?

I have not been to the photography classes, but I have been to many music courses. It is no different; the whole class at once, and one-on-one with the instructor (and the instrument). Depending on the objective of course.

Sure, I can understand the occasional indoors class on e.g. composition in which great historic samples are shown and explained and discussed. But I would hardly think the students having different systems would be a problem there.

But then you end up with the discussions about the crop-factor, which may leave one student (or a group of) elevated, while the others put down. Same as it happens on these forums, and (I guess) the same as what happened to the op. The instructor blurted out his opinion, like it would mean something, and it came across as if it was meant to be some fact.

But here is another thought : nobody ever approached or spoke to me on the street or in the park about the size of my sensor. Has that ever happened to you? In a park? And are you sure it was not code language for something else?

Or at some party somewhere, I don't know, wherever you go.

Well, it did happen to me. Three people in my company saw my camera, and two of them bought the same D800. I think it was after the pictures also. Funny, one of them even sold his mFT setup, which I was about to recommend to him before I knew it. Imagine that.

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