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Re: vs Nikon F mount mirrorless

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When he tells that Nikon has to use its existing mount for mirrorless, he is forgetting that their existing mount makes it impossible to make smaller cameras at all, as the flange distance will stay the same...

As a happy owner and user of a Nex-7, Nikon FE (film) and Nikon D600, personally I would have no problem with a mirrorless camera with the depth required by the F-Mount system.


Thom covers that - mentioning that handgrip depth needs are similar to Nikon F mirror box depth.

But his point was that lens development / infrastructure is a long term investment. Sony were pretty smart building the NEX with LA-EA adapters from the getgo. Less smart was not developing the idea further / publicising their lens strategy...

ethss argument is strange for most people. How many AF lenses does a person need???

Many more lenses can be used with the Sony E-mount cameras. Boring just to stay with Nikon lenses.

There is absolutely no NEED to go with Canon or Nikon because for their lens range. Only sports and bird photographers really need those beasts of fast tele lenses, many of those Sony do as well.

A decent 85mm is still missing from the E-mount range. In the meanwhile there are some good alternative choices to fill the gap. For example Canon has very nice f1.2 and f1.8 examples.

Oh I agree, but for 85mm FOV you should use the FE 55mm. The 85mm is most likely very close for the E-mount. The A-mount also caters for those who NEED the 85mm now

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