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Re: Eveybody pays their fees .. but that is beond the point ..

Sergey_Green wrote: Eveybody pays their fees .. but that is beond the point ..

I think that when someone enters a course or workshop and pays for it, getting information and an advancement of his skills to have a feeling the money was well spent, is EXACTLY the point.  It requires adaptiveness from the teacher, not only from the student.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

It is not unfair to the rest of the class. It is fair to the individual pupil.

The "class" as a whole does not pay the workshop fee. The individual pupil does, and he deserves to get his money's worth. While an individual pupil gets his specific information, the rest of the class can either listen too and learn something, or continue with their own exercizes.

They can do exercises at home. When the teacher addresses the class during the regular hours, he addresses everybody. When the teacher addresses each individual student at a time, the rest is waiting. Not a very efficient setup in my view.

See my example on the art academy.

I think that practical skill teaching works best that way.

I don't see the point of "ex cathedra" teaching for photography. If that was the purpose of the class, I would not even want to participate. Do you know of photography classes in which a teacher stands at the blackboard or the beamer and just explains and the students just listen and absorb? If that exists, isn't it dead boring and a sure turn-off for photography?

Sure, I can understand the occasional indoors class on e.g. composition in which great historic samples are shown and explained and discussed. But I would hardly think the students having different systems would be a problem there.


(While we are discussing here: could you inform me what exactly was your point with your question further down in the thread about which medium I show photos on. I replied but you may have missed that. I don't understand the point of your question.

Let's say you are somewhere in the street or in the park, and someone mentions you have a small camera with the smallish sensor in it, you show them the pictures - how? It is not like someone would say it on the forum, and you can just drop a link to your galleries.

How do you show your images to that person in the park or street?

I do exactly the same, I guess. (Unless you carry a briefcase with large size prints with you all the time.

But here is another thought : nobody ever approached or spoke to me on the street or in the park about the size of my sensor. Has that ever happened to you? In a park? And are you sure it was not code language for something else?

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