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It is just easier with the format that can do more ..

Martin.au wrote:

If you can't demonstrate DOF changes on a M4/3s with a kit lens, you have a problem. IMO, you should be able to demonstrate that on most compacts with a reasonable zoom range.

Of course you can, but then you also have to explain what crop factor is, and why bother.

Perhaps I need to learn more about these photography courses. I'd expect a course to demonstrate the fundamentals of photography, effects of aperture, iso, shutter speed, etc and how they relate, as well as the artistic aspects.


All of that should be able to be taught across most camera formats.

All of it should be taught with the film SLR. But since those days are gone, there is still a reference format that is available (or at least should be) to all.

I guess if the course is built around "how to take portraits", or something, using a standard array of settings, then I can understand sticking with a single format. Can't really see the point of that sort of training though.

There you go, and not the portrait only.

Of course, if the demonstrator doesn't understand crop factor, then all bets are off.

But that is beyond the point.

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