sony 24-70 FE it's not perfect

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Re: sony 24-70 FE it's not perfect

Keit ll wrote:

Ian asked a valid question. This zoom has been criticised elsewhere for smeared edges even at less than maximum aperture. Final judgements cannot be made until it is certain what difference optimum distortion correction makes .

Lenses at such prices are bound to get harsher criticism than budget versions.

It is an unnecessary question. There are so many faulty E 16-70mm reviews out there. As soon as the quantitive tests are ticking in the performance is impressive. Unlike you (apparently from your numerous skeptical posts), I am more skeptical with many people on the net attempting to make their own sharpness tests. In 90+% of the case people are making the tests in a manner where the imperfect is more likely to their way of handling the lens then the lens itself.

Wait for the quantitative tests. I have not seen a Sony Zeiss lens not draw an image beautifully with pleasing Bokeh.

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