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Re: I would add few more points ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

But still: the point is that it is a lazy teacher who wants to teach what is "easier to see" and does not show and explain also what different settings mean for the pupil's system of choice.

I would not call it "lazy". Asking each student what format he or she has, and then explaining their settings individually is rather unfair to the rest of the class.

It is not unfair to the rest of the class.  It is fair to the individual pupil.

The "class" as a whole does not pay the workshop fee.  The individual pupil does, and he deserves to get his money's worth.  While an individual pupil gets his specific information, the rest of the class can either listen too and learn something, or continue with their own exercizes.

Any art or skills workshop should always cater to the individual student's abilities and desire for progress, or there will always be people unsatisfied because the class moves too slowly or too fast.

My wife is an Arts Academy student.  After succesful graduation in painting and graphic arts, she is currently into sculpting.  And she does that with the same enthusiasm and speed as always, while of course she also already has a lot of technical background.

Her sculpture teacher recognizes that (but also the needs of every other student).  The class gets explanation on a certain technique (like clay modeling and then mold casting for plaster) and then they are encouraged to apply these techniques, each individually for a subject of choice.

My wife models three sculptures and makes three casts in the time span most other students make one.  She values spontaneity above all.  The teacher is fine with that.

He is also fine with the one student who is a perfectionist like you have never seen before, and who is still making his first clay model of the season.

That is good teaching.   The exact same approach is possible with photography classes.

(While we are discussing here: could you inform me what exactly was your point with your question further down in the thread about which medium I show photos on.  I replied but you may have missed that.  I don't understand the point of your question.

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