A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

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Re: A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

There's something very odd about some of DxO's tests of lenses on cameras. For example, on the A99 the Sony 50mm f/1.4 gets almost exactly the same scores (slightly better in fact) as the old Konica-Minolta 50mm f/1.4. That's to be expected, since those two lenses are supposed to be optically identical but with improved coatings on the Sony 50mm.

Whereas on the A77 the K-M 50mm gets much the same result as on the A99, being one of the sharpest primes, but the Sony 50mm is way below it as one of the poorest primes. That's an extremely large difference!

I get the impression from other learned looking discussions of other paradoxical DxO results, that DxO give interesting & useful results when they get it right, but they do sometimes get it very oddly wrong. If a DXO camera & lens combination gives rather odd results, I wouldn't trust it without independent support.

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