no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

Tom -

"I feel your pain"...  there..I've said it....
But although I doubt if it's any consolation to you now.. I have to say that I've been using computers for what is surely well more than 40 years..started in fact with DOS system where you had to plug in a cartridge to get a system (!)..then onto the more modern ones with Windows of whatever kind.. early Win98 - Millenium etc etc.. but I've always had to use laptops and use a good reliable one , so it's been SONY Vaio's for the last 10 or more years... my last one on XP (now SP3) is still running and so I'm keeping that going for now...

But I just got totally fed-up with the prospects of Windows and such as v8 or whatever it would be... had enough of it.. so when the chance came along last October, I bought myself a MacBook Pro..   and I kid you my whole history of laptops of any kind...have I had so much satisfaction and pleasure from this one.. I still have to keep my Sony going with Windows.. but I've been weaning   myself into the Mac and honestly..totally surprised AND delighted with what I've been able to do in these last months..

If EVER you get to the point with this damned Windows lark... do not hesitate.. you may well be as surprised as me...  have some FUN out of the damned machines at last...I wonder if Windows will EVER give anybody that !!

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