no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

Do I have a legit license? Well, Lenovo installed it on the G710 and Staples (office supplies) sold it to me. Is there a system config screen  ( MY PC?) that says it is "genuine W8" like on W7?

FWIW, at this time, 3am Pacific time. 2/15, USA. The W8 updates  finished about an hour ago. Tomorrow first thing I'm going to make a system restore of W8 on a partition on the HDD. Then upgrade to 8.1, then another system restore copy. Ultimately when I get it all set up like I want (hopefully before the Ides of March!). I will clone the entire laptop HDD to an external HDD. I will then test the clone by taking out the laptop HDD, plug in my clone and the laptop should work. Thus the ultimate system restore disk no matter what happens to the original HDD. Done this for many years and has saved me a lot of headaches.


ps - I wonder if W8 is "signed" with the original HDD? Thus making a clone not work?

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