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Re: Questions for A 65 owners

nandbytes wrote:

Steven Norton wrote:

I've just bought the RX10 and while its a good camera it's painfully slow to zoom and it can't track moving objects. My question to A65 owners ( I don't want the size of the A77) will the A65 with either 18-135 or 18-250 serve me well? I like long zooms as I like wildlife and I only want a one lens solution. I need fast focusing. The tamron 18-270 pzd samples are horrible so that's off the list. Your opinions are appreciated.

Hi my sigma 18-250mm macro served me very well on my A57. But its the last APS-C lens left and I am finding it harder to sell than the others. The AF I felt was faster than tamron and for a superzoom i think its one of the sharpest. The HSM is fast, smooth and doesn't make much noise.

If you happen to be any where around London, you can try mine out if you like. (Honest offer, no intention of selling it to you unless you want it)

I also think 18-135 will give you sharper images.

I appreciate the offer but I live near Middlesbrough . Thanks for your input.

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