And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

khunfred wrote:

"At a certain point you're not buying a camera, you're investing in a system/platform. That's the real strength of Canikon. People are invested in the platform and the more lenses and accessories they have the harder it is to switch".

Sony has a huge system: cameras, TVS, microwaves, fridges...ahaha. Sony don't sell a camera. Sony sells a "Sony". I'm not kidding: it's a different approach of the market, maybe more consumerist. Each brand has a different philosophy. Everyone knows the Sony brand, even in the North pole. But for most of the people, Fuji is a mountain near Tokyo, not an innovative camera maker.

Even if I was very interested in the A7: putting a FF sensor in a so small body looks like magic. But after 6 months, what about the lens roadmap? What lenses and when?
So my next equipment will be 100% Fuji. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks that this brand is managed with some brains who are "thinking" before "producing". Maybe I will miss 80/85mm lens that I used to shoot with, but I will deal without it.

6 months from release there will be more lenses available for the A7/R system than there were for the X-Pro1, Fuji still don't have any fast zooms that provide separation on a level at which even a FF F4 lens will.

many people bought in to the Fuji system for its OVF and that looks likely to be abandoned.

Sony has already released two very high quality weather sealed primes to match their weather sealed bodies, no waiting around for a few years, no firmware updates needed to make the camera usable.

Sony has got more right at the point of release than Fuji did, lets wait a couple of years and see how things match up then.

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