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Teaching? Or pushing gear?

Basic photography courses cater to beginners, right?

Advanced photography workshops cater to experienced shooters and will deal with other subjects.

But I am dead certain that both exposure basics and advanced stuff like "artistic composition" or techniques for street photography or macro or whatever, can be taught and explained to any person with a camera with other than full manual controls (A, S, M modes are necessary).

Now I would expect a teacher to be able to cater to pupils with any camera (I know I could and I am no teacher). I've explained exposure basics to people with SLRs, mirrorless and advanced compacts like an LX3.

In the group of people feeling the need to take courses I would assume that those with a FF system would be a minority (except maybe for a highly specialized workshop like "Shallow DOF aficionado 101" like we know some would be able to teach, and very well so...). Also for something like macro I would expect the pupils to own certain stuff.

But for general courses, the teacher should adapt to his pupils and their gear.  It is possible.  A teacher who is unable to leave his own FF comfort zone is not a very helpful teacher but an arrogant elitist snob.

And a stupid (bordering on incompetent) one to boot.  Because here is the main point: this teacher's camera-technical info was just plain wrong and not only on mFT (which he apparently does not have a clue about) but also in the difference between FF and APS-C.

Having to buy beg steal or borrow a FF camera to be instructed by such a clown would be a sheer waste of resources.

I just hope that the course was artistic and not technical, so that the OP did not waste his money.

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