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Re: My take

stoppingdown wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

My last sentences indicated that..It is personal.

Sure. But my point was: the subjective thing is not only the relative importance you give to all the points, but in some cases even the single point.

However: when you compare lens for lens, it is pretty obvious the m43 system is considerably smaller. When you pick lenses, the differences may not be so big or become relatively huge.

Lens by lens... not necessarily. For instance: my reference set of lenses was 1645g with the Nikon system (D5100); it is 1016g with the Sony (NEX-6). It would be 1572g with the MFT (E-M1): just slightly lighter than Nikon and much heavier than Sony.

This can be explained by different features: for instance, Sony offers a 16-70 f/4, while the comparable Zuiko is f/2.8-4;

my normal is a f/2.8, while the MFT one would be f/1.4; so that extra weight is for some reason (extra aperture). But, for instance, the Sony 10-18 f/4 is 225g, while a very comparable (just a bit wider in the range) Lumix 7-14 f/4 is 300g, and if I'm not wrong the Zuiko 7-14mm f/4 is a whopping 780g. It's 60% heavier than my Nikon equivalent (which has even more range). Honestly, this was a surprise. The MFT was the first system I've evaluated, and discarded precisely for weight.

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Fabrizio Giudici

Yes...I find this hilarious. You are mixing up your personal needs with a general view and to come to that conclusion you include a Four Third, weathersealed lens that is not designed for mFT systems. You can also add the 50-200 mm FT lenses and comapre with 45-200 mm mFT and find enormous size and weight differences....In general, there is no doubt which lenses are smaller. lighter.

1) The Zuiko is not a mFT lens. It is FT lens. 
2) The Zuiko covers 24-120 mm not 24-105 mm
3) Most importantly -> The Zuiko is weathersealed!

This is apples and oranges.

Another line up:

1) Oly 12-50 mm F3.5-f5.6 (24-100mm...weathersealed!): 211 grams
2) Panasonic 7-14 mm f4: 300 grams
3) Olympus 25 mm f1.8 136 gram

Total: 639 grams

1) 35 mm weighs 155 mm
2) 10-18 mm weighs 225 gram
3) 16-70 mm Zeiss: 308 gram

Totals: 688 grams

Yes...EM1 is a weathersealed cam. The Nikon and the Sony are not. And it is not just abit weahtersealing: you can put it under shower, you can put it in a small pool of water. It will fire right away again and again.

Not that this is important to everyone, that is not the point. But it adds to the weight and makes you compare apples and oranges. Again.

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