sony 24-70 FE it's not perfect

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Re: sony 24-70 FE it's not perfect

ianbrown wrote:

So if you expect tack sharp images accross the frame at large apertures then you may be disappointed!



I don't think anyone in their right mind really "expects tack sharp across the frame at large aperture" ....... I mean how can you? A typical scene rarely yield a flat plane to line up with the sensor and at something like f4 and centre focus, it would be unreasonable to also be upset when edges and corners dont carry the same sharpness. Simply physics no?

As for perfect lenses, I don't believe I have had the pleasure of coming across such an animal yet in my years of shooting and I have had the good fortune to own some fine lenses and still do.

I have found that I have had the greatest enjoyment when I temper my own unrealistic expectation surrounding my gear as well as around my own abilities.



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