no point - just I hate W8

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Mark H
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Possible/probable reason why not supplied with Win 8.1 ...

tom graham wrote:

Lesson learned - make system image often. Will save beacoup hours starting from factory 8. Why didn't the Lenovo come with 8.1 to begin with?

Depends - partly on when that Lenovo was actually manufactured, and whether or not Win 8.1 had been tested/approved to be compatible for all its hardware/device drivers/all its pre-installed software etc, by Lenovo at the time of manufacture.

If there were any doubts/un-tested compatibility risks, re the newer OS version, then Lenovo would 'play safe' and continue to install the more 'stable/established' OS version i.e. Win 8.0 until they were sure the new version works OK.

It might be worth checking Lenovo's support web-pages for advice/warnings re updating Win 8 to 8.1.

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